Song Writer & Composer BIO for John Munnelly

John Munnelly was born in Cavan town and his mother always said he was a happy child. John’s family all played different instruments or sang and John was surrounded by friends who performed and played at parties and on stage, so he learned a lot from looking over peoples shoulders at what they were playing. He played in an early variation of the somewhat famous band “The Would Be’s”

He studied music and technology in Manchester England. He married in Cavan in 2012 and now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Moustache Handsome Man
Tour of Ireland – John Munnelly in a Red Shirt

John had some early recognition in Dublin Ireland in the Grolsch/Hot Press magazine award for his award winning  song ‘Treasure’. More recently ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) awarded John the Jay Gorney ‘Song with a social Conscience” award for the song ‘The Unemployment Blues’.

A quote from Jack Shalom a Brooklyn Peace Activist sums John up: –

“John Munnelly performs better with a busted string on his guitar than most with all six. He brings humor, intelligence and soul to folk music.”

He writes in a very wide array of styles encompassing themes from the humorous to the serious. His material usually contains positive uplifting messages dealing with life and the human condition with unique wit and insight.
He is known for his comedic persona and the online youtube ‘hilarious’ video sensation – “Does my BUM look Big in This?” and the “grin-inducing joyous” Christmas song titled “Happy Christmas” on the recent Contemporary Celtic Christmas Collection.

He has been on TV and radio and as a guest feature playing ‘live’ on WFUV radio Show “Ceol na nGael”
In 2013 he released a collection of songs titled HELLO WORLD and the stand out fan favorite song “Legends” was described by the Baxter Labatos Sphere Music Blog as “a wonderful pop song of the times… makes one believe in the transforming power of alternative ballads again.” He toured throughout Ireland in October 2013.

John Munnelly is also known for penning anthemic football themed songs and is currently involved in the local Dublin football flavored ‘King of Cambridge’ project. He was invited to create the melody for the existing song lyrics and then went on to produce both the song and the subsequent video. The song has been described as “I can’t get this song out of my head” by numerous listeners.
As an actor, he can be seen in Hectic Knife as “Link” and as Edgar Allen Poe in the project