Song Composition Services & Songwriters boot Camp™

Hello, my name is John Munnelly. Welcome to and the reason I built this site is to help new, starting & non-professional songwriters to create a song. Everyone has a story to tell and I have met so many people with a ‘song in their heart’ but no-way & no-one was there to help them find a way to express it or find a class to learn to write a song.

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You are here because you have words that you have delayed in putting out there as a song. Perhaps you have always wanted to make a song but … life, family and work got in the way. Maybe you need a helping hand. The solution is easier and nearer than you thought. The purpose of this site is as a resource to help you put your story, your words your lyrics into a musical form. we call that a song. See – it’s not so hard?

“Songwriters boot Camp™”

I run educational classes called the “Songwriters boot Camp™” at the Irish Arts Center in New York City. It is a six week structured sprint through the art and craft of songwriting.  Here is some feedback from participants.

“Songwriting boot-camp was a great experience. It was a wonderful way to begin putting a structure and a more thought out process on something that often can be hard to pin down. I learned how to be constructively critical on my own writing and to hear and notice more in songs I have always known and loved. John is a contagiously enthusiastic musician, songwriter and teacher.”

“Write-a-song™” Songwriting Service

if you want I can help you craft your song directly see below.


Send me the lyrics or the gist of your song idea or story and I turn it into a song. I do this as my craft and am good at it.  See the proof and the testimonials here Songwriting examples.

I try and keep your lyrics intact. (See the examples of famous poems.) On ‘The King of Cambridge” project I aimed to not change even a single word. Of course it is preferable if the words received from you reads well, but whatever you got is fine.

  1. Contact
  2. Initial Consultation
  3. Discuss the Expectations
  4. Review the submitted Lyrics ( questions/feedback/phone/email conversations)
  5. Create an initial demo sketch of the melody or song

Results to expect:

You will initially receive a simple vocal and instrument recording to review plus a lyrics and chord sheet. From there you can say thanks or can choose various other services we have on offer to make it a more real art work. Then you can put it out there in the world as a CD or as a downloadable and stream-able music track. You can say you wrote a song & released on iTunes!

  • Register Song with US Library of Congress Copyright
  • Record song with a professional Band
  • Create a Studio Version of the finished track
  • Mastered Track
  • Create Artwork
  • Releases finished song to digital distribution
  • Create CD
  • Create a Song Video

FAQ “Write-a-song™” Songwriting Service

Who owns the finished song (Melody & Lyrics)?

We can discuss the in’s and out’s of the world of publishing but song ownership of the copyrights in any written work can be covered on a work for hire situation so you can own the song outright. Or depending on the situation it is going to be used for it may be easier or better to regard it as a co-write where the copyright ownership of the publishing rights is split 50:50.

Who owns the final Recorded Song Track:

If you want to get a professional recording of your unique song we can arrange to have it recorded professionally in a recording studio. This means the written song is taken further past the demo stage and created as a final master track. Then you own the recording of the song. It will be created professionally as part of a work for hire situation.


We can have a chat anytime for free on 718 312 8313 but once committed to the project we would expect a deposit and this initial agreed work fee is non refundable to cover time spent. After that if you are happy with the basic direction then we have 2 more song reviews and payments due on passing each mile stone until final song demo track (lyrics, basic instrument and voice) is produced.